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My name is Yael Philosof and I am working as a Spiritual Life Coach.

In Psalms 8:4-5 it was written: "Then I ask:
· why do you remember men (and women)?
· what makes you visit them?
You made their place a little below God".

(From:www.easyenglish.info An EasyEnglish Translation with Notes (about 1200 word vocabulary) on Psalm 8)

As I see it, the meaning is that like God, we have a great power of creation. If we will look around on what the Human Being has created, we will see the power and the strength within us. The power of Vision and Faith, which is the starting point of everything that is created by Human Beings.

The lack that we have, which makes us a little below God, is the lack of faith that with our power we create the reality of our lives.

My first lesson about career, I have learned through my service in the military.

As a soldier teacher, I had the opportunity to be in the seminar of education during my service. As a young woman who was released from the military and didn't really know what I wanted to do I was clear about one thing - It does not matter what I am going to do, it has to be involved with passion, joy and desire to get up every morning to work.

It became my life's moto.

My first job after the military was in Keter book publishing. I was running the Telemarketing department, which was one of the biggest Telemarketing department in Israel.

It was amazing to get up every morning to a new day of creation, developing and growth.

When I felt that the sense of challenge came into fulfillment and the routine started to take control, I preferred to be remembered at my height, and started to plan my departure.

I didn't know where I was going go or what I was going to do and the years passed with trials and errors of what I really wanted and what would bring me back the sweet feeling of passion that I felt as I started my career.

In 2005 I saw an advertisement about a coaching school which was looking for coaches to work in a "breakthrough workshop". At this time coaching in Israel was in its infancy.

I completed my study in Charisma school and I started to work as a life coach.
It was amazing to see how in 8 weeks of workshop and coaching sessions, people get awarenesses and understanding that changed their life. 

In 2007 a revolution occurred in my life. I was exposed to the American reality show "Starting Over" which completely changed my life. 

At this time, I was living a "normal" life, home, work, friends... I was living in the Kibbutz and I was experiencing peacefulness.  
In the few months that I was watching the "Starting Over" show I didn't know peace anymore. I became restless. It was a blessing and at the same time a curse in my life.

My clients who were achieving their desired results sent me their friends to me as clients but I felt dissatisfied. 

The creativity, the exposure to the Spiritual Life Coaching that means integration between the Universal Laws and the coaching process and the uncompromised professionalism brought me to a place of pain, and incompletion and I knew that I had to get to this knowledge at any cost... but how is it possible to do it when I am in Israel and these "Starting Over" life coaches are on the other side of the globe...?

Following my heart was a blessing, in spite of the enormous price. This blessing helped me to  recognize parts within me that until then were just a potential. What seems as the "curse" at the time, was the necessity to give up my comfort zone, to leave the familiar, the logical and the safety in my home and to send the application to Iyanla Vanzant's school, the Spiritual coach from the "Starting Over" show.

During the two years I was in school, (Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development)  I gained knowledge and I upgraded myself as a person and as a life coach. I increased the array of my tools and skills, and I am a personal example that anything is possible...

A very famous singer in Israel, Hava Alberstein is singing: "We are all one living Human tissue"...  By mistake, many of us think that when we have a problem with someone, we have to "teach" the other person, to change him or "fix" him... instead of realizing that the change starts within. What we have in our consciousness as a thought, belief, fear and pattern, is the raw material that creates our reality. 
When we change ourselves, the reflections that come back to us from others, will change too...

Starting Over "forced" me to follow my vision and to live my destiny. And that's what I want to support others to do...

Today, in addition to coaching, I am facilitating "Live your vision" workshops, conducting "The weekly tip" club, writing about Spiritual life coaching in a lifesytle website and in a local magazine.
I wrote two books: "Little thoughts" and "Words that try to know" and recently, I was writing the ebook "The Guide for Self Love" (available in Hebrew and English), and the kit "10 tools for self coaching" (Available only in Hebrew).