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Spiritual Life Coaching is a process, which at its center stands the relationship we have with ourselves as the key to any change and experience we desire to have. 

I look at the coaching process as walking in a maze of mirrors. We do not really know the way, but we know it will be revealed as we move forward. And in the meantime, we have the opportunity to see ourselves with a new perspective we couldn't see or experience before.

As with any coaching process, Spiritual Life Coaching is focused on a goal and results that the client wants to achieve. This process supports the client to identify and transforming patterns of thoughts, behavior and beliefs that are not supporting him.

In the Spiritual Life Coaching process we use spiritual tools such as: Meditation, Intention Statements, Journaling, Prayers, Spiritual Laws, Principles etc... for the purpose of knowing ourselves and the power of creation we have, as a foundation to create our desired life and relationships.

The Spiritual Life Coaching process is very practical. It is a relatively short process to achieve goals, to expand our boundaries and to reach our potential.

In the Spiritual Life Coaching process, the client is the main "actor". He defines the goals he wants to achieve, and as the coach, I see with him his vision, the "destination" he wants to arrive at. From this place I will share with him tools, knowledge, experience, a wider perspective, exercise and assignments, reflections and support in his process of self growth and development until he gains the desirable results.

Because a person is a holistic entity, the training is also refers to him as whole. Therefore, the focus is on man and his thinking patterns and not on the symptom of failure in any particular area. (Relations, business, social or another area).

During the last few years, I have worked with people who wanted to be in a relationship; as well as businessmen, professionals, and people who wanted to make a change in their lives, to follow their heart but didn't know how to do so. The common denominator of all these people was their willingness to know themselves in a different way and to take full responsibility for their life.

As I mentioned in the other page (About me), In Psalms 8:4-5 it was written: "Then I ask:
· why do you remember men (and women)?
· what makes you visit them?
You made their place a little below God".

(From:www.easyenglish.info An EasyEnglish Translation with Notes (about 1200 word vocabulary) on Psalm 8)

As I see it, the meaning is that like God, we have the great power and ability to create. If we will look around at what the Human Being has created, we will see the power and the strength within us. The power of vision and the faith, is the starting point of everything that has been created by Human Beings; The lack that we have, which makes us a little below God, is the lack of faith that with our power we are able to create the reality of our lives. This is the purpose of Spiritual Life Coaching, to learn how to use our strength, power, and tools in order to create the life we want to live. 

Online Coaching is the same process of coaching but it is based on a weekly conversation on Skype or by phone. 
The coaching process is not subject to location. It can be worldwide (from any place in the world and to any place in the world). 
As a face-to-face coaching meeting, the online coaching session is once a week for one hour and the client will receive exercises and assignments that he will do during the week.

The purpose of coaching:

Like in sports, the coaching process helps us to learn how to activate "weak muscles" so we can get better results, get more out of our potential, and to learn effective patterns of thoughts and behaviors.
During the coaching process, the client gains tools for self-growth, creating breakthroughs and manifesting his vision.

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