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How many times have you expected, hoped, wanted
people to appreciate what you are doing for them
and you have
been disappointed?
How many times have you sacrified your 
time, your needs,
your desires, so that people around you will feel good
and they
have never appreciated you?
Do you want to know why?

“key” to the answ
er is right below!
If you have the feeling that you are giving more than you are receiving
If you are experiencing criticism from others
If you have the feeling that nobody thinks about you, unless they need you
If you are experience the sense that it doesn't matter what you attempt to do, it is never enough.
If you feel sometimes that your life is empty, that something is missing or what the purpose is 
If you have a hard time asking for help
If life's demands are managing your life
If other people’s needs are more important than your needs
If you expect other people to change, circumstances to change (you will have money, time, love); or you are waiting for something to happen for you to be happy.
If your life is filled with tasks and not with fulfillment of what really matters to you
If it seems to you that others gain whatever they want, because it is easy for them, but your story is different
If you have a job that you don't like and you keep it until retirement – to feel secure.
If you are programmed to say "Yes" even when you really want to say "No"
If you have a sense that people use your good heart
If you have the tendency to experience drama around you
Your true challenge is your relationship with yourself!!!
Whatever happens in our life is an outcome and reflection of our relationship with ourselves, whether or not we are aware  of this fact.
This book is created from a place of love, a place of knowing that self love is the key for a happy life.
I always knew that we have only one relationship in our lives, with ourselves; all the other relationships and experiences are a result of what we have created consciously or unconsciously in our relationship with ourselves.
In other words, everything that has happened to us is a reflection of the relationship we have with
ourselves and all that is present in our consciousness (which of course was derived from this relationship).
Therefore in order to change things in our lives we have only to change ourselves. As the mirror will reflect our new look when we get
a haircut, put make up on, or make any other change, people will reflect to us a different experience when we make an internal change in our thoughts, beliefs and the way
we act.

What people say about "The Guide for Self Love"

"The Guide for Self Love is a must read for all who are seeking self-love, the greatest love of all.
This book reveals powerful insight and awareness on how to achieve self-love.
It awakens the desire in us to do the same.
Yael Philosof captures the true essence of how we are able to learn to love ourselves in this
no-nonsense, practical guidebook.
The teachings in this book are life transforming, powerful and timely. If you desire a deeper understanding
of how to achieve self-love, I highly recommend this book.
Lynn Menich - "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" Licensed Trainer/Workshop Facilitator and Translator
assistant  for "The Guide for Self Love" " to English. U.S.A

 "The Guide for Self Love"

Robert Griffiths (30/12/2011)
I take a great deal of personal satisfaction in having survived 65 years, during which time I subjected
myself to a great deal of self-destructive behavior. As the result of many years of trying to sort it all out,
I am finally at peace with myself and my surroundings. I realize today that the 'answer' is not the answer.
The answer is the journey itself. It turns out, that there are indeed, short-cuts to this realization.
Yael Philosof 's book, "The Guide for Self Love" is one of them.


The Guide for Self Love

Mary Jane Griffiths (03/01/2012)
I am a person who is continually looking for a "quick fix" to life's problems.
I find Yael's book very inspirational helping me to realize that the real change needs to come from within