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The Guide for Self Love
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In the first 3 chapters you will find:

 Who I am

♥ How this book was born

♥ Why our relationship with ourselves it the only real relationship we have and how all the other relationships are reflections of this one.

♥ The power of vision and how your vision influences on your life.

♥ What is self-love and how it comes to expression in your life.

♥ What happens to us wneh we love other more than we love ourselves.

A few words about me:

My name is Yael Philosof, and I am a spiritual life coach.

I am helping people to achieve whatever they want through developing self-love and self-esteem.

In 2007 a revolution occurred in my life. I was exposed to the American reality show "Starting Over" which completely changed my life. 

At this time, I was living a "normal" life, home, work, friends... I was living in the Kibbutz and I was experiencing peacefulness.  
In the few months that I was watching the "Starting Over" show I didn't know peace anymore. I became restless. It was a blessing and at the same time a curse in my life.

My clients who were achieving their desired results sent me their friends to me as clients but I felt dissatisfied. 

The creativity, the exposure to the Spiritual Life Coaching that means integration between the Universal Laws and the coaching process and the uncompromised professionalism brought me to a place of pain, and incompletion and I knew that I had to get to this knowledge at any cost... but how is it possible to do it when I am in Israel and these "Starting Overlife coaches are on the other side of the globe...?

Following my heart was a blessing, in spite of the enormous price. This blessing helped me to  recognize parts within me that until then were just a potential. What seems as the "curse" at the time, was the necessity to give up my comfort zone, to leave the familiar, the logical and the safety in my home and to send the application to Iyanla Vanzant's school, the Spiritual coach from the "Starting Over" show.

During the two years I was in school, (Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development)  I gained knowledge and I upgraded myself as a person and as a life coach. I increased the array of my tools and skills, and I am a personal example that anything is possible...