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Miracles Happen! Even to You

We all want to experience miracles in our life.

Creating miracles in your life is a matter of intention, openness, trust, and co-operation with Spirit.

In "Miracles Happen! Even to you" I am sharing my experience with you of "coincidence", which I see as God's way of showing us our power and to say that we are not alone.

This book is a collection of short stories of my experiences. But my story can be yours in many ways. The bottom line is to be a reminder of and inspiration to acknowledge your power and be in alignment with your Divine essence to create miracles in your life. 

Miracles Happen! Even to you, is part of a series that comes under the same "roof" of "Personal and Spiritual Development", but the books to be read in any particular order, or generally necessary to read all of this series.

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